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Mindful Exercises to Do with Young Children

Here are a few strategies that you may consider trying with your children to help them feel more centered and uplifted. This can be especially helpful if a child is feeling afraid or sad or upset, but even when your child is doing well, it can also help to make your child feel even happier and more at peace.

First off, one of the most universal ways for anyone to come to a place of peace and calm is simply to take a few deep breaths. If you'd like to try this with your child at home, you could encourage them to connect to their breathing by having them place their hands on their belly to feel the air coming in, and then exhale, feeling it as the air goes out. In addition to encouraging them to feel their breath, you can also encourage them to listen to the sound of their breathing. You may also consider incorporating a creative visualization for them, such as sharing with them to imagine they are the sunshine, inhaling and exhaling sunshine all around them.

Another visualization could include having them close their eyes and thinking of a place that they really love, or thinking of things that make them feel really happy. You may help them by engaging them with their senses, such as asking the child what they see, hear, touch, taste or smell, wherever their chosen place may be. This helps for the visualization to become more real and may heighten the joy being experienced for them.

You may even choose to repeat a few affirmations with them such as saying together, "I'm going to have a great day today" or whatever else you feel inspired to share in the moment. Or you could read a book that highlights similar ideas relating to developing heart qualities such as love and gratitude, or peace and joy. If any of these ideas resonate, you're welcome to try them out with your kids at home!

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