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Our Philosophy

At Creative Hearts Daycare,  our desire is for your children to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable daycare experience, develop a love for learning, and grow into healthy, happy, and confident individuals. We offer a quality childcare program that is well-balanced and developmentally appropriate, facilitating a variety of experiences which can help to aid in children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Our program offers a balance of both child-led and teacher-led activities throughout the day, so children are offered time for independent play,  while also being offered a variety of
 structured group activities as well.  We strive to create learning activities that are both fun and educational, and also aim to incorporate activities that are based on the children’s interests.




Program Highlights

  • Story time and lessons incorporating a wide range of educational themes and topics

  • Daily discussions sharing social skills and values such as peaceful relations with others, love and kindness,  gratitude, etc.

  • Activities that incorporate teaching the ABCs, numbers and counting, colors, shapes, science-based concepts, etc.

  • Musical enrichment activities (Singing with guitar and piano, dancing with rainbow scarves, percussion instruments, etc.)

  • Artistic enrichment projects (Coloring, drawing, painting, gluing with various materials, stickers, etc.) 

  • Incorporation of seasonal and nature-based art projects, developing an appreciation for plants, animals and the environment

  • Sensory experiences such as using play-doh and other materials

  • Stretching with gentle music and relaxation activities 

  • Cooking projects 

  • Outdoor picnics

  • Beautiful aquarium of fish for children to enjoy

  • Indoor activity centers throughout the house with materials for dramatic play, food and cooking toys, block building, puzzles, books, etc.

  • Outdoor play with chalk, bubbles, riding toys, ball play, climbing structures, outdoor games, etc.

  • And much more! 


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