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Meet the Team

Our center has been blessed with a variety of warm-hearted, caring teachers and support team. Please see the descriptions below for more information.

photo of Nicole

Ms. Nicole 

Nicole DeLia started Creative Hearts Daycare in 2013, and over the past 10 years she's cared for over 100 children.  Nicole earned a Master's of Science Degree in Child Development from San Diego State University in 2017, which has enhanced her knowledge of offering support with social and emotional skills to young children, along with a variety of other learning activities, helping them to develop the skills needed to prepare them for kindergarten. Nicole also earned a Bachelor Degree in Music in 2010, and enjoys being able to offer a creative enrichment program which includes singing and dancing with piano and guitar music.

photo of Ms. Stephy

Ms. Stephy

Ms. Stephy has been assisting at Creative Hearts Daycare for the past 10 years, and loves coming to help out. With a prior background as a flight attendant, she has had extensive experience serving a variety of people both young and old. She is also Nicole's mother and has spent many years as a caregiver for her mother as well.

photo of Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela has been a regular substitute teacher at Creative Hearts Daycare since spring of 2022,  and has been a wonderful addition to our team. She earned a Bachelor Degree in Psychology with prior work experience as a behavior instructor for young children. She is also one of the primary caregivers for her niece.

photo of Ms. Kendra

Ms. Kendra

Ms. Kendra has been helping out at Creative Hearts Daycare since 2015, and the children are always so delighted to see her whenever she comes to visit. She has earned a Master's Degree within the Humanities, has three children, and also works within the medical field. 

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