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Flowing with Joy, Grace, and Ease

Many times when parents think of how they can help their children, there may be ideas of certain activities they'd like to share with them, places they’d like to take them, and so forth. While all of this is wonderful too, one of the best ways to help your child is simply to maintain a peaceful state within, flowing from a place of joy and love as much as you can. While it may be true that certain challenges arise from time to time, the more you feel centered within your own peace, you will be spreading this energy to your children as well. 

Children are able to sense when parents or caregivers are feeling down or upset or angry, which can affect the way they behave or feel as well. They are like sponges and will absorb whatever it is you share with them. If you’re sharing smiles and warmth and a loving attitude, they are much more likely to feel happy as well. While it’s not to say that every behavior challenge will be a direct result of parents’ energy, even just keeping a calm and peaceful demeanor may help to address the challenges when they arise in a way that will be more effective. Sometimes you may still need to be direct or assertive with a child when needed, but you can still do this from a place of inner peace.

So what are some ways for one to be able to stay centered within this type of energy? Everyone may be unique in what works for them. For some, this may mean meditation, prayer, or some type of uplifting reading or affirmations. It could also mean listening to some peaceful, beautiful music, having a cup of tea, or spending a few minutes spending time in nature, even if that means enjoying the beauty of your own backyard. When you start the day off from a peaceful, pleasant place, your children will benefit significantly from the energy you share with them. 

Maintaining this type of energy throughout the day may also mean needing to make certain changes in your life, or working through challenges or internal stress that may preventing you from sharing type of energy as freely. It is a constant process of course, and it’s ok if you have moments from time to time when you are feeling frustrated or upset. Being able to forgive yourself and be kind with yourself is also part of the process. In general though, the more we can maintain our own internal state of joy, grace, and ease, the more children will pick upon this energy and radiate this type of behavior within their lives as well. 

With Love,


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