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Seasonal Activities with Children

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This month I'll share a bit about the idea of incorporating more seasonal-type activities with your children. I know sometimes life can become a bit routine, with similar day-to-day experiences, and so it's always enriching to be able to change things up from time to time with a new activity or experience. I know in the past I've discussed ideas such as sharing your own passions with your children, or finding out what your children are passionate about. Allowing the seasons of life to guide us into new activities can also be inspiring though. Whether this means finding books or coloring pages related to the fall, or taking your children to fall related activities such as going to a farm or pumpkin patch, these could be some enriching activities to share with your children. Sometimes it may also be helpful to consider making a list of even just a few activities you'd like to share with your child in any given month. You could consider, what are three good activities that we could enjoy together that would fit the ambience of October, November, etc." This keeps things alive and fun for both you and them, plus it can be a great learning experience when incorporating new materials for the children. These activities don't necessarily need to be complicated, but ultimately the most important thing is that you are sharing your love and affection with them while engaging in the fun together. Hopefully these ideas will offer a bit of inspiration as we roll into the fall and eventually winter months 🙂

From my heart to yours, Nicole

Questions for consideration:

  • What are three activities I could do with my child that fit the seasonal theme or ambience of this month?

  • What is one place I could take my child this month, or one thing to bring to my home that could help my child get more in touch with this particular season? (i.e. You could take your child to see the leaves changing colors on some trees at a nearby park or nature preserve, or bring some leaves to your house and make a collage together.)

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