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Shifting into Joy & Fulfillment to Become an Even Greater Blessing to Children

When one thinks about being a good parent or caregiver, it seems natural that ideas such as doing fun activities together or sharing laughs and smiles may be what come to mind. When joy flows out from within, this is the energy that is shared with your children, and this is when loving relationships may truly flourish the most. But what about the days when you are feeling frustrated, upset, sad, or stressed out? Sometimes the situations may not even have anything to do with your children at all, but could be the result of some other underlying issues or concerns. We all have challenges in life, and sometimes there are also needs and wants that seem to be going unmet, which may at times lead to strain within relationships as well.

While sharing activities together or going beautiful places may be special, the quality of the interaction is ultimately what is most important. And a large part of radiating love and joy depends on how one is perceiving the world from within. When you are feeling joyful, fulfilled, and abundant, it is only natural that feelings of joy, fulfillment and abundance will flourish within the relationship with your children as well!

So how can it be that you make sure your own needs are being met in ways that are healthy and productive? It’s important to evaluate your life, considering if there are certain adjustments that need to be made within your work, relationships, and other areas in order to lead to greater fulfillment. Sometimes it may mean putting more effort into a situation while other times it could mean making some type of shift or change. Or if there are health-related concerns, it’s important to take care of yourself as best you can in this regard as well.

As you are able to meet your own needs more and more, aligning with your own joy, the genuine love and care for your children will flow out in a way that will light them up so that they too are flourishing. It may be true that there will still be moments of frustration or low points when challenges arise, which is understandable. And it may be true that certain processes such as improving various life situations can take time. While it may not always be possible to radiate joy 100% of the time, even making gradual shifts in this direction though can still make a significant difference to your children, and also to the world at large! Life is a constant process for learning and growth, but if you consider your children as the motivating factor for maintaining centeredness within your own joy, it will be a win-win situation!

With Love, Nicole



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